Cetec spa Prodotti in grafite e spazze in carbonio

CETEC S.p.A. is founded in 2015 from the experience of over 30 years of its team in the graphite business area.

Thanks to highly skilled and specialized partners, CETEC is able to deliver superior quality products to each customer.

In particular, the core business activities are focused on:

  • Brushes for DC motors, generators and alternators, asynchronous motors, industrial collectors, traction brushes;
  • Products in graphite for mechanical application: pumps, valves, sealing, labyrinth seal, thrust bearing;
  • Isostatic graphite for high temperature: dies for continuous casting of noble metals, calibration rings for aluminum, crucibles, resistances;
  • High density graphite for EDM
  • Heat exchangers, centrifuge pumps and bursting disk for industries such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, steel industry, chemical, fine chemical industries, food & beverage and water treatment, service and maintenance.

To complete the range of products:

  • Brush holders for electrical motors
  • Slip rings
  • Brass and bronze castings
  • Heat exchangers with inspected metal plates, spare parts for plates and seals

CETEC is committed to providing complete customer satisfaction, using specialized skills in tandem with high quality and reliability standard to ensure each order meets or exceeds the requirements and customers ‘needs.