Graphite for high temperature



Graphite is made of crystals organized in parallel strips of Carbon atoms, aligned  as hexagonal atomic structure.

Graphite is used in countless areas, because of its electrical inertia, its mechanical properties in high temperature context and for its thermal and electrical characteristics.
From electrical applications (brushes for motors, current collection strips) to steel industry (products for metal continuous casting). In chemical industry (heat exchangers, pumps, rupture disks) and in aerospace (nozzle for rockets).

For some of those applications, graphite is employed through an isostatic compaction process. With this process, we can obtain semifinished graphite with  very small particle size (high density) and with chemical and physical characteristics, similar in any direction.

With a wide range of isostatic qualities, and strict and controlled production process, Cetec can supply products and components such as:

  • Monoblock ring or with radial section segments for mechanical sealing
  • Bearings for pumps, valves and vanes
  • graphite die and iso-molded graphite for continuous casting
  • electrical resistance;
  • dynamic sealing;
  • carbon vanes for vacuum pumps and compressors

Cetec also offers different qualities of graphite to manufacture electrodes for electroerosion (EDM).
Cetec low-porosity graphite allows to perform precision tasks with  a low geometrical deformation during the erosion operations and a good metal removal with low roughness.

The graphite qualities available cover all kind of working contexts and requests. Graphite with a high removal capacity  and a high finishing quality level. Graphite for a high quality precision works  and high finishing quality level
To complete the portfolio, CETEC also supplies extruded graphite.

This graphite shaped by extrusion is required mainly in the steel industry with electrodes  or in production cycle of non-iron metals, in particular aluminum. The main characteristics are:

  • Good thermal conductivity;
  • Excellent resistance to thermal shock;
  • Easy to  operate;
  • Good expansion coefficients;

With those extrusion graphite, Cetec produces:

  • Calibration rings for aluminium extrusion;
  • Sliding runners for aluminium plates;
  • Agitators;
  • Components for metallurgical ovens.