Heat exchangers of graphite and metallic plates




Due to its remarkable qualities, the impregnated synthetic graphite (Carbonite®, trademark Cepic) is the ideal material for heat exchangers manufacturing:

  • Excellent resistance to corrosive fluids
  • Thermal conductivity that is 3 to 10 times greater than metals,
  • Electrical conductivity that is secured to be used in explosive atmosphere environment (ATEX).
  • Low linear dilatation coefficient,
  • Resistance  to temperatures up to 170°C

Thanks to its joint-venture with Cepic, the French anticorrosion equipment specialist, Cetec is able to provide a wide range of products.

Cepic is a Normandy-based company, with more than 50 years of experience in anticorrosion fields.


Cetec is the ideal customer support to shape and build adapted solutions and if necessary personalized products for heating, cooling and condensing  corrosive fluids.

  • Cylindrical vertical graphite heat exchangers
  • Cylindrical horizontal graphite heat
  • Cubic section graphite heat exchangers
  • Horizontal channel heat exchangers

Anticorrosion solutions are sized in function of customer’s process and application specifications.

They are all manufactured in conformity with the European Directive PED 97/23/EC.


Cetec provides to its customers maintenance and repair service activities for heat exchangers in graphite or with metallic plates, pumps, agitators and filters in graphite including the complete repair or substitution with original spare-parts of dysfunctional elements.